Rotating wire display, 70 pcs for postcards

product description

  • HxWxD are the dimensions of the product.
  • The stand is height-adjustable, height approx. 1800 mm.
  • It contains 7 floors of 10 pockets vertically.
  • Easy to rotate using a roller bearing.
  • Mobile, with two wheels fitted with a brake.
  • Cylinder diameter: 500 mm.
  • Internal dimensions of pockets: HxWxD: 120 x 130 x 15 mm, upper 30 mm.

In order to make the transport as affordable as possible, the price for transport will be calculated and sent to your e-mail. After agreeing on the price, the goods will be packed. If more pieces of stands or other products are ordered, our company will calculate the transport only for the weight of the entire package.

The price for the stand is without the logo.

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