How to Shop

Our e-shop is based on selecting from the various product categories. On the left there is a list of the main categories. When you click on the main category, a subcategories will appear. After clicking on a subcategory, single products will display.

Products can be bought immediately, or by using a magnifying glass it is possible to get a closer product information.In case of question, please contact us using the form, email or call us at

tel: +420 573 338 280.
We will be pleased to help you!

If you have selected products to purchase, by clicking on the shopping cart on the right side, the list of products to purchaise will appear. If you decided not to buy any of the products in shopping cart, it is possible to cancel an item by clicking on the X.

Most products are designed for businesses. For products intended for resale are set wholesale prices. On some products you can get discounts depending on the number of items collected.
If you decide to co-operate with us regularly, we will suggest individual prices.